* Question * Questions * Questions *


(A) How long will it take and when will the books be shipped to me?

We will start sending out orders on 28 Oct.

Subsequently, all orders will be dispatched on a Monday. So if you ordered on a Tuesday... sorry, son but you just gotta sit tight, watch Spongebob reruns, brutally bite fingernails and eagerly anticipate the book.
The short reason is because the distribution centre in Singapore consists of basically one human being, my awesome mother.

She has volunteered to help (*so be nice to her) send out the books and will lovingly wrap and pack all of them before gently nudging these babies off with a teary goodbye to their lovely new homes.

So yeah, there's recipes from dad, mom, people's grandmas, recipes from the plusixfivefamily in there and right down to the postage/ packing, this is a proper old skool family affair.

Keepin' it real like a happy meal, kids.

(B) End October?! What, you using geriatric chimps to hand deliver the book? Why the hell does it take so long to send the book out! 

Simple. Shuhan and Goz both want to scrawl/deface/doodle/sign/breathe on all the books. and maybe even throw in something extremely small (no promises though). 

But, like our doodling skills (which you will soon find out), we are generally pretty shitty at aligning our schedules. Don't worry the doodles will be worth it. (I think)

(C) How come the postage price is what it is?

We aren’t sneakily trying making any money off the postage. The price takes into account (i) postage by registered mail (we figured this is probably the best way to send it so it doesn't get lost/ eaten by dog/ stolen by cheapskate neighbours) and (ii) the bubble wrap and envelope. 

Because of our magnanimous nature, the sticky tape and ink used to write your address is a freebie - it's on us, mate. *awwww

(D) I am in Hong Kong - What do i do!?!?!

Chill out, down a lemongrass G&T from Quinary, grab a plate of roast goose rice at Yat Lok and drop us an email plusixfive@gmail.com. We will sort you out. 


(A) Waitamin, adding it all up it’s only slightly cheaper than if I bought it in the bookstores, what’s the catch here?

Well done Math Man! Yes, you are absolutely right. It’s the tyranny of non-free postage. You can feel free to go buy it in the bookstores. The book is the same as the one we are selling.

But if you buy through this site:

(i) You won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to get the book and risk the perils of the journey home (think of all those rampant rabid cookbook snatch thieves).

(ii) You will get copy which ShuHan and I spent a whole afternoon hand doodling, hand finishing and signing. It really doesn’t get better than that. If you are lucky, you might even get one with ShuHan's big fat kiss in there.

But if you like your book pristine virginal untouched and untainted, go to the bookstores.

(B) Can I get a free book?