+(65) is the dialling code for home.

And if we were being poetic and stroking chins and had a little bit too much to drink, we could go on and on romanticising about how its a metaphor for how we reach out to home whether telephonically or gastronomically.

The plusixfive supperclub is the hugely popular, first and only Singapore supperclub in London. And possibly the whole wide world as far as we know and maybe in the whole wide galaxy far far away.

Its a supperclub serving hot damn badass Singaporean street food/ traditional family feasts  cooked the good ol’ way, presented with minimum fuss and maximum taste.

And trying our best to eradicate the fictitious dish of radioactive yellow Singapore Fried Noodles from the memories of non-Singaporeans, one diner at a time. 

Originally based in London, then it travelled to HK. And now, with the cookbook, to your very own home.

Visit at www.plusixfive.com